Guaranteed Savings – No Matter Your Income

Fertility medications can be expensive and MDR is here to help. If you fail to qualify for an income-based financial assistance program, you are eligible to receive a 5% discount on select fertility medications through MDR Assist.

Eligible Medications

  • Follistim AQ Cartridge (follitropin beta injection)
  • Ganirelix Acetate Injection (brand name)
  • Pregnyl (chorionic gonadotropin for injection, USP)

Eligibility Requirements

  • You were denied financial assistance by another program. Qualifying programs include ReUnite Assist and Compassionate Care.
  • Requires denial notification dated within the prior 60 days.
  • Discount must be applied at the time of purchase and cannot be applied to past purchases.
  • Cannot be combined with other discounts offered by MDR.

Application Instructions

  1. Email the denial notification from the other program to

For more information about this program, call 1-800-515-3784 or email